Welcome to our Online Bike Shop featuring exceptional values on unique bicycles. From brands you trust such as Jeep®, Chrysler®, Honda Racing®, Razor™, Radio Flyer® Smith & Wesson® and others, we carry a diverse array of mountain bikespolice bicycles, comfort bikes, beach cruisers, motor scooters and more.  Our specialty is bicycles and scooters that have unusual brand names, or that have unique features and technologies not found on traditional two-wheelers, such as folding and stretching frames, two-wheel-drive and shaft drive.
At, you will find bicycles and related products in every price range, for kids and adults, for novices and experienced riders,  in traditional styles and with innovative designs.


Giatex® S*port 760 Stretching Bike

20 Inch Wheels, Stretch to Fit, Collapse to Store, Several Colors Available.

Was $349.99 Now $319.99 

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Also Available in 16 Inch...

Giatex® S*port 550 Stretching Bike

Was $299.99 Now $269.99 

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Jeep® Commando TSI
Genuine Jeep®.  Full Suspension Youth Mountain Bike, 6 Speed, 20" Wheels.
Was $164.99 Now $153.99 
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Jeep® Cherokee Scrambler
Genuine Jeep®.  Full Suspension, Aluminum Frame, Disk Brake, 21-Spd
Was $284.99 Now $269.99
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Jeep® Wrangler SE
Aluminium Frame, Front Suspension,  21-Speed Mountain BikeWas $209.99 Now $197.99
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Jeep® Overland Sahara Ladies Comfort Bicycle
Genuine Jeep®.  Aluminum Comfort Frame, Disc Brakes, 21 Speed, Fenders.

Was $549.99 Now $499.99
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Incline ® Newport 3
Shaft-Drive Bicycle

Shaft Drive, All Aluminum Frame & Components, Seat-Post Suspension
Now $294.99
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Chrysler® PT Cruiser®
Touring SP Men's

Classic Beach Cruiser, Single Speed
Was $166.99 Now $157.99
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Chrysler® PT Cruiser®
Limited AP Men's

Classic Beach Cruiser Styling, 6-Speed, Aluminum Components.
Was $204.99 Now $193.99
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About Our Products
The bikes we offer are based on custom-designed frames paired with the finest components. Combine that with the quality and reputation of automotive and other name brands and the result is an exceptional value. Compare for yourself. products are a great buy when compared against bikes of similar technology and features.
Most of us are familiar with the Jeep® name.  Since 1941, Jeep® has been a symbol of freedom and capability.   Designed for peak performance in rugged conditions, Jeep® products are created for living life without limits. Since 1998, this same quality and heritage has been integrated into Jeep® Bicycles.  While you might not be familiar with this relatively new brand of bikes, you can rest assured that each bike is manufactured with the same precision and standards as every other Jeep® Vehicle.  And, they carry well-known names such as Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee & Overland.  Included in the Jeep® lineup are youth, mountain and comfort bikes.  And, we can't forget about the Jeep®-exclusive all-wheel-drive Rubicon AWD.   You've just got to have one!
Daimler-Chryser® has also introduced another line of bicycles, this one under the Chrysler® name.  These PT Cruiser® bikes are a marriage of classic bicycle styling and state-of-the-art components.   They evoke a sense of nastalgia of years gone by.  Yet, at the same time, they open the door to a 21st Century biking experience.  Check out the Turbo, Woody, Touring Edtion and Limited Edition models.
Honda Racing® is making it's own mark on cycling with a fine selection of mountain bikes and BMX bikes.  Whether you plan to brave the wild or the track, Honda Racing® has a bike that will take you there in Honda® style.  Among its mountain bikes are models such as HR240HT, HR260HT, HR265FS.  The Hangtime, Carve, Diva, Transfer models round out the BMX line of Honda Racing® bikes.  And, they have introduced a number of bikes and trikes for younger kids as well.
Our online bike shop also features the Smith & Wesson® collection of Security and Law Enforcement bicycles.  These bikes have been designed to withstand the rigors of police work and are a fine addition to any police bike patrol or security department.  The exceptional quality components also make these bikes great for the open trail.   The new Smith & Wesson line includes the Tactical, Perimeter, and Custom Models.
Also at you will find the complete line of Giggle Scooters, including the finest gas-powered motor scooter available, the Giggle® 4-Stroke Phat Boy Scooter.   Don't let the name fool you.  This scooter was designed from the ground up to be a blast to ride, yet practical to operate.  Unlike other gas scooters, the Phat Boy runs on straight gasoline; no mixing oil and gas!  Powered by the finest 4-cycle engine made, the Giggle® scooter has a top speed of 24 mph!  What fun!  Use it for commuting, while camping, at the fair, to the park, everywhere.  And, when you are done, it folds for convenient carrying and storage.  Heavy duty frame, disk brakes, top-quality construction, 4-stroke motor...a stroke...of genius!
If you prefer electric power, we have Giggle FX2 and EX3 Electric Scooters.  We also have the Razor E100, E200 and E300 series Electric Scooters.  In fact, we carry the entire line of Razor products, from kick scooters to go karts.


Polaris Industries® has also introduced new bicycles under the brand names Polaris® and Victory®. Beach Cruisers, Comfort Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Bikes for Kids are all part of the lineup. Victory bicycles are a reflection of their motorcycle heritage. Classic bicycle styling and state-of-the-art components opens the door to a 21st Century biking experience. Check out what Polaris and Victory have for you.


Our online bike shop also features the Smith & Wesson® collection of Security and Law Enforcement bicycles. These bikes have been designed to withstand the rigors of police work and are a fine addition to any police bike patrol or security department. The exceptional quality components also make these bikes great for the open trail. The Revolution was designed for anyone to enjoy. With Smith & Wesson® heritage and comfort styling, it is perfect for running errands around town, ridin' cool down the boardwalk, or an afternoon of fresh air exercise. In addition to the Revolution, the Smith & Wesson line includes the Tactical, Perimeter, Custom, Custom Full Suspension and Patrol.


You will find that we carry the finest Electric Bike Conversion Kit on the market today...the Go-hubTM. Go-Hub kits contain everything you need to convert your ordinary adult bicycle into a high performance electric bicycle; capable of speeds of up to 20 mph and distances of up to 30 miles. Not only a gas-saving commute alternative, bicycles equipped with a Go-Hub are a blast to ride. With ever increasing fuel prices, many have begun to seek alternative methods of transportation. A Go-hubTM equipped bicycle is an excellent way to get where you are going.

Not only is the Go-hubTM Fuel efficient, it is also the best electric bike kit you can buy in terms of quality and reliability. There are comparable kits out there. But, the unique combination of components coupled with the proprietary wiring design make the Go-hubTM stand out in the crowd.


Kawasaki has entered the market with their own line of bicycles. From great mountain bikes to kids bikes and trikes, Kawasaki has a ride waiting for you.


If you want to look your best while riding, you cannot go wrong with shorts and jerseys from Blackbottoms. Blackbottoms, established in 1974, offers the highest quality riding apparel you can buy. Not only does it make you look great, it is made to last.


Treadmarkbikes also strives to provide other products that are both fun and functional. For example, we feature the Bazooka Sports brand of folding mountain bikes and beach cruisers. We have the European-designed Italtrike OKO. And, we offer the complete line of Razor scooters and ride-ons.

We are constantly looking for other high-quality, fun and useful, yet unique products for our clients.

We will soon be adding more scooters, trikes, wagons, and fun accessories to our online catalog.
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